The People Before the Park

Reviews are in!

“…sincere and steadfast piece of theater.”

“Bridget Gabbe…in supporting part[s]…[is] skillful in embodying hard working people.”

The New York Times

“A story based on the history of that time and strong acting from a marvelous cast make this a show to see.”

“Bridget Gabbe plays her character, Bridget, with a quiet sadness about her as she is suffering abuse at the hands of her father but doesn’t have the courage to break away from it. She does a fine job of breaking everyone's heart with the life she leads.”

“Though The People Before the Park is set in 1856, you won't have to work hard to find parallels to the politics of today... Adkins... resists the urge to be preachy about the injustices in Stephen's story; he just lets the action unfold. And he gives the secondary characters complexities of their own...The sweet Bridget, reckless.”

"Directed by John J. Wooten, this powerful tale of belonging, seeking a new life and experiencing troubled times comes to vivid life. Written by Keith Josef Adkins, the play deals with issues of eminent domain, the loss of place and the need to start anew. The cast is superb."

"The People Before the Park will not fail to move you to the plight of a people who have played by the rules only to find them changed by a corrupt government. Although Central Park plays an important role in the quality of life for the city's citizens, those who see this play will never regard that great green space in the same way ever again. That's not a bad thing, for the good of the majority often comes at the expense of the few. And that's an important point to remember."

NJ Arts Maven

"Informative and absorbing... What... provides grace and gravity, is the strength of spirit and the claim for dignity and self-worth in the faces and the dialogue of the play's impassioned characters."

Curtain Up

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